Let the Ancient Art of Acupressure Restore Your Energy!

  • Do you suffer from health problems that don't respond to conventional medicine?
  • Are you interested in Chinese medicine but not yet ready to try acupuncture?

If so, Acupressure Therapy may be just what you need!

Many ailments respond to the healing touch of Acupressure. It also helps with common conditions such as tension, stress and aching muscles, and it's great for preventing health problems further down the track. Acupressure strengthens resistance to disease and supports a longer, healthier life.

At Tension Release, our fully qualified massage therapists may include this type of massage in your treatment to help with specific problems or for general good health.

How Does Acupressure Work?

Acupressure is part of traditional Chinese medicine and one of the most ancient and widely used healing methods in the world. It follows the same principles as acupuncture, but instead of using needles, the massage therapist uses finger pressure and massage.

Chinese medicine believes that our health relies on a series of major energy channels, or meridians. The life-giving energy that flows through these channels is called chi. Blockages in the flow of energy can cause disease and discomfort.

The massage therapist uses gentle pressure at specific points to remove blockages. For instance, there are particular points around the ear that the therapist can stimulate to help ease insomnia, cigarette cravings and even jaw problems.

This type of massage therapy is usually given in a similar fashion to traditional massage. It's often combined with other forms of massage, and with deep breathing techniques.

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Acupressure to Help you Stay Well

Acupressure can help in maintaining and improving many aspects of health.

With our busy modern lifestyles and widespread computer use, back and neck pain are all too common. At Tension Release, Acupressure may be included in your treatment if you suffer from chronic back and neck pain, including lower back pain.

After the heart, the liver is the body's most important organ. It's vital to many important functions including metabolism, detoxification, digestion, circulation, blood clotting and hormone regulation.

Acupressure can help support the liver to do its job. Acupressure is also sometimes used to clear a blocked lymphatic system.

Your adrenal glands help you cope with the stresses of daily life. Gently supporting your adrenal glands is one of the aims of Acupressure. And it may help in easing the symptoms of mild depression or anxiety.

Finally, incorporating Acupressure as part of a foot massage is a wonderful remedy for tired, aching feet!

How Is Acupressure Performed?

Often the points are massaged using finger or thumb, in a circular motion with medium pressure. Other common techniques include kneading, percussion and vibration.

The term "pressure" is a bit misleading, as it's the location of the contact that's important, not the amount of pressure. The Acupressure therapist can adjust the pressure to suit the client's personal preference.

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