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Sports Injuries And Four Therapeutic Treatments To Promote Complete Healing

A lot of injuries these days are caused by engaging in sports. While such physical activities serve as great forms of a workout to stay fit, the impact and intensity of certain movements can knock the body out of balance and result in a painful injury. Most sports injuries take a really long time to heal, and even after the usual invasive treatments like surgeries have been properly performed, there are still other treatments required to restore the injured body part back to full health.

Sports injuries vary in gravity, but regardless of whether it is just a regular sprain or an ACL injury, therapy is greatly recommended for full recovery. When a body part is injured, naturally it can only perform a very limited range of movements so as not to aggravate the pain and worsen the swelling. Because of this, the flexibility of the muscles and joints are compromised and if you want to get back in the “game, you’re going to have to restore that lost flexibility.

There are different types of therapeutic treatments to address pain and flexibility issues. You have acupuncture, which basically helps in promoting wellness by getting rid of the blockages in the energy channels or meridians that inhibit complete healing. This ancient Chinese medical practice is quite effective as well for tension release and other bodily pains caused by a particular illness or even stress.

Quite similar to acupuncture is acupressure, but instead of using needles to treat the blocked meridians, the hands and fingers are used. It’s not too different from a massage as well but it really focuses on the Chinese principles of balance restoration to promote better health, healing and complete recovery; it’s even known to get rid of toxins in the body. All the kneading may be a little painful at first, but most of the time, the relief from internal pains caused by the injury is automatically felt after the session.

And then there’s sports massage; this is used both for injury prevention and treatment for sprains and strains. As a therapeutic treatment for a sports injury, it can relieve swelling and pain, encourage better muscle tissue healing, and gradually increase flexibility so a wide range of movements can be performed more naturally again.

Lastly, there’s myotherapy which complements the benefits of sports massage. This is usually composed of myofascial release, trigger point therapy, cupping and dry needling. It’s like a combination of three aforementioned treatments and more, and that’s why it is highly recommended for athletes recovering from severe injuries or really just for chi restoration to promote the health of joints, nerves, and muscles to maintain a high level of physical performance.

All of these are effective, but do consult a licensed therapist first before deciding which one of these suits your physical needs best.

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