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Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief Through Myotherapy

Sciatic Nerve Pain

The sensations of sciatic nerve pain are different for everybody; there are those who claim that the pain is the kind that builds up over time, and then there are those who describe their pain as the hot radiating kind that shocks their lower body repeatedly. Suffice it to say, sciatic nerve pain attacks can render anybody helpless, and for those who experience such pain frequently, the condition fully compromises quality of life.

Most people who suffer from this type of pain are prescribed non-steroidal pain killers which alleviate the pain for several hours or so. The problem with the frequent intake of pain killers is that it can thin the stomach lining, make a person hyper-acidic and lead to liver damage. Meanwhile, there are some who are advised to get surgery as treatment, but this is really expensive and is only for those with intense pains who have tried out more conservative treatments yet witnessed no positive results from such treatments.

Sciatica treatment

Treating sciatica is on a case-to-case basis, but what medical professionals agree on and advise is for sciatica sufferers to get some physical stimulation (like exercise and massage) because without proper physical activity, low back muscles can become weaker and deconditioned. And with weak, deconditioned low back muscles, pains can actually become more intense in the future because the spine cannot support the whole frame of the body anymore. Likewise, without proper physical activity and stimulation, important nutrients that the spine requires to be strong and healthy will not get distributed and absorbed properly. Yet again, this varies among cases because physical exertion may lead to a flare up of pain if not executed properly, and this now leaves therapeutic massage as the safest bet for sciatic nerve pain relief.

What’s particularly beneficial about massage that is performed by a trained professional is that the body receives the stimulation it needs for better circulation without the pain sufferer exerting too much effort. All the patient has to do is lie face-down on the massage bed and the massage therapist can treat the impinging nerves typically found at the base of the spine (the sacral bone) which is the origin point of the nerve pain. On top of that, massage can also help maintain the body’s natural flexibility, which sciatic nerve pain sufferers tend to lose due to their limited movements. And lastly, it is also known to reduce inflammation which is a common manifestation of sciatica – this inflammation creates a tender feeling around the source of the pain but therapeutic massage can easily address that to promote better circulation for quick healing.

Therapeutic massage for sciatic nerve pain typically requires several sessions, but relief from pain is longer-lasting, it’s more affordable, and most importantly, it has no side effects.

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