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Reminder to oneself, find time each day to play and be creative, even if it's only for a few minutes. Did you laugh today? Did you smile? like really smile 😊 Did you crack a joke or dance to music while getting pumped for the start of your day?
It's easy to go through everyday tackling what's on the to do list in a serious state but it's so important we remember to pepper in fun and not take ourselves so seriously, most of the time.
Life has a habit of testing our limits - mental resilience is your chance to bounce back.
Resilience has become a bit of a buzzword, but it’s something we should all know more about in order to protect and improve our mental health.
Mental resilience is your ability to bounce back after experiencing tough times. It has been a struggle in the last year, for some worse than others with the impact of COVID on our lives. Whilst we have done better than most around the world so far, we still have a long way to go.

Having good mental resilience not only helps you to get through these tough times, you may also become a stronger person for it.
So how can you become more mentally resilient? Here are some tips.

Stay connected

Humans are social beings. Surrounding yourself with friends and family can act like a safety net when you’re feeling down. If you’re not close with your family, find a group of people you like hanging out with. Join a club or simply make it a point to have a regular chat with your neighbour. It is not just people you should connect with, any activity involving spending time the animals is also beneficial.

Find what you love

Getting absorbed in a pleasurable activity encourages you to focus less on the negative and enjoy the present. It’s also important to identify what gives your life meaning, whether that is spiritual beliefs, your career or a hobby. Prioritising the things that make you feel good about yourself can have a strong protective effect and make the world seem like a much better place.

Let it go

Just like the song says, sometimes you just have to let go of negative thoughts or experiences. Worrying about what might happen doesn’t solve any problems.
Try instead to focus your mind on what achievable actions you could take to make things better. Make a list and tick things off if that helps. Techniques like music, exercise or meditation can calm your mind and give you a break from pesky worries and thoughts.

Take care of yourself

To look after your mind, you also need to look after your body. Eat a healthy, balanced diet. Get out for a brisk walk every day and not only will your physical fitness improve, it will also help clear the mind. Finally, avoid using substances like alcohol or drugs to make you feel better.

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