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Lunchtime workouts to Keep Active!

Finding time in the day to squeeze in some exercise can feel like an impossible task, and for those who work in an office, leaving your desk at lunch is unheard of in most office environments. But by having a break and going outside, stepping away from your screen and incorporating some more movement into your day, not only will you feel great but it’ll help boost your productivity and concentration levels too! Whether you have 5 minutes or half an hour, here are a couple of lunchtime workout ideas for every fitness level to get you moving and those endorphins flowing:

1. Walk it out (5 – 30 mins, easy)

Change into comfortable shoes and hit the pavement! Begin with a slow walking pace to warm-up and work your way up to a brisk stride. Pick a new route each day, we have some wonderful parks to explore. You’ll get outside and away from the office, be able to explore the neighbourhood, fit in some exercise AND you’ll return clear-headed and feeling happier. Now that’s productive!

2. Step by step (5 – 30 mins, intermediate)

Ready to take it up a notch? Great! Stairways are free and you’ll find them almost everywhere. Challenge your legs, glutes and core to work hard while bumping up your heart rate. Warm up by walking up and down a flight of stairs 3-4 times at a slow, easy pace. When you’re ready to step it up, increase your speed to a fast walk. Start small and see how many flights of stairs you can fit into your lunch break. See if you can beat it tomorrow! And if your office building has a lift, start taking the stairs instead.